An Idea That Moves

Kinaesthetic infant handling – a difficult name for a simple idea. Babies can and want to move – and it is our job to support them in doing so. Dr. Lenny Maietta and Dr. Frank Hatch developed this program, assuming it is quite unsatisfactory for babies to be passively moved around by their parents. They argue that babies do “gymnastics” already in the mothers belly to strengthen and force motion for later. “Handling” babies has become automatic movements passed on form moms to daughters forcing the newborn entirely against nature to no action. We wrap them in, lift them up, carrying them around and put them down without allowing them to help in any way. Those moves can be done in such a way that the baby, even newborns, can participate. Pediatric nurses who are trained in handling Kinaesthetic Infant report a very positive influence on body awareness, balance, agility and confidence especially in premature babies or children with a handicap.



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