Conversation between 2 boys age 5


„What do you want?” 

„I want to show you something!”

„But I don’t want to see it! “

„Just come with me!” 

„Don’t want to!” 

„And why not?” 

„Because I don’t want to!” 


„Leave me alone!” 

„But I want to show you something!” 

„But I don’t want to see it!” 

“Oh come on it is something special!” 

„And what is it?”

„I cannot tell you!” 

„But if you can’t tell me than you can’t show me either!” 

„I can! “ 

„And how if I may ask? “ 

„But you may not ask! “ 

„If I cannot ask than I cannot go with you! “

„You can! “ 

„But then I can ask too! “ 

„You can ask! “ 

„But you just said that I cannot ask! “

„I did not, now come on! “ 

„Bring it over! “ 

„I can’t do that! “ 

„And why not, what is it? “ 

„I still can’t tell you! “ 

„And when can you tell me? “ 

„In a moment! “ 

„And why do I have to go with you? “ 

„Because I want to show it to you! “ 

„Ok if it has to be, I go with you!” 

„But you said you did not want to come!” 

„But now I want to!” 

„Ok let’s go to my house.” 



„Wait a moment I go and get it. “


„Finally you’re back! And? “ 

„I couldn’t find it! “ 

„But you wanted to show it to me! “ 

„But it is not here anymore! “ 

„And why did I had to come? “ 

„Because than it was there! “ 

„What was it? “ 

„My pet! “ 

„And what kind of pet? “ 

„Just a pet! “ 

„Yes, I know! “ 

There you go, why did you ask me? “ 

„I don’t know what kind of! “ 

„It is small, fat and skinny! “ 


„I mean small, fat and empty! “ 

„I still don’t understand! “ 

„You don’t have to understand! “ 

„And why did you explain it then?” 

„I did not do that!” 

„Sure you did!” 

„No, I did not!” 



„It does not matter!” 


„Stop to brawl!” 


„Just stop!” 




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