More Tips For an Easier Pregnancy

Mommy up!

If this is not your first child and the other one (two…) are still toddler or small kids than you know the “Mommy up” too well. They don’t care how big your belly is. So what to do? If you let you child use a bench, a chair or something else it can climb up on you can even have a kitchen helper. If you have to pick the child up don’t bend over all the way, let your child get up on something higher and then you can pick it up. Most important is that whenever you lift something up it is with a straight back.

Let your belly relax.

Your normal skirts and pants will still fit you for a while and later you can help yourself by not closing the sipper or inserting an elastic band. But in the last few weeks of your pregnancy this will be impossible without compressing your belly. It is important that you have 2 or 3 good pants or skirts and some loosely fitting T-shirt or other type of tops to wear with.  Socks or stockings should have a soft and not too tight elastic band because your legs tend to swell specially in the last weeks of your pregnancy. But by all means celebrate your belly. It is beautiful, it is there only for a short time, it covers and protects the most valuable treasure, a new live! And don’t forget to take a photo.

In water you float.

If you have a pool close by, go swimming. To make it fun takes a friend or your partner for mutual motivation. You don’t have to rush to one of those water gym for pregnant women exercise groups. It is absolutely sufficient that you swim your rounds while you feel the relaxation through floating in the water. Get the sensation of lite wait taking the pressure of your back and your legs. For all of you who easily catch a yeast infection: My midwife tip is that before you go swimming in public pools insert an olive oil soaked tampon.


Tips on how to make your pregnant life easier!

Shopping-less load with a little trick.

Is carrying your shopping bags more and more difficult? A weekly meal plan can help. If you know what to cook you know what to shop! Make a shopping trip an event; get you best friend, your partner or a family member to accompany you. They can help you carry; you have company and after wards you can treat them with something they like (ice crème, a lunch, candy etc.). Another solution could be a supermarket that delivers. There are several chains who deliver if you shop for a certain amount or above. Fresh fruit, vegetable, meat or fish you can put in a shopping cart liner. Once you get home you can put it on a chair before you unpack so you don’t have to bend over.

Breathing – Peace let you breathe.

In the last weeks of pregnancy there is not much space in your body to take a deep breath. Your baby pushes against your ribs and your midriff. It is time that you start to eat smaller  portions more often instead of a few big meals. And if you have physical stress like thorough house cleaning you plan it in advance and do it slow. This way you can avoid breathlessness and fatigue. 

Sleeping better with a soft support.

A little trick with a big effect! If the time has come that you cannot lie on your back or on your side than you should get a body pillow. There are two types. One is just a straight long pillow relatively inexpensive which you can put between your ankle and knee. It takes the pressure off your back. The other one is a paternal pillow price range from $ 50 up to $100 and it comes in different forms.  If in the evening your legs are swollen you can raise the lower part of your bed during the night by putting some blankets there to raise your feet.   This way the accumulated liquid in your legs can drain off. In the morning you wake up and your eyes are swollen? It is a normal attribute of being pregnant. A great relive is if at night you boil some chamomile tea bags, have them in the refrigerator and in the morning before you get up, take your 10 minute beauty rest by putting them on your eyelids.

My Belly And I

If the sizes of a medicine ball or small and pointy like a melon: A pregnant woman’s belly is always an eye-catcher. We collected some interesting facts about the most beautiful belly in the world.

Why are bellies so different?

Each pregnancy belly is as unique as the woman who is carrying and the child that grows in it. Even so the myth that the form of the belly can indicate the sex of the child persists, it is untrue. The truth is that it is more a physical pre-condition of the mom to be.

If a woman is rather small and petite the baby does not has much room to expand it self like in the case of a tall woman with longer vertebra. This is the reason why the belly appears earlier as she is carrying it all in the front.

In case of a small pelvis the baby has not sufficient room to lower itself all the way down. The belly stays higher and arches further out.

The posture of a woman also plays a roll: A hollow-back pushes the belly further out and appears to be bigger.

If you have trained abs and firm connective tissue your belly will most likely not arch out as much in an unfit woman.

Not only will the size of the child influence the sizes of the belly. Very important is also the amount of amniotic fluid. It can be as little as about 10 FL OZ. or a much as 50 FL OZ. and you can see if you carry a pound or two more around.

As more pregnancies a woman has as more round and less high will her belly be. Uterus, aps and the complete body tissues are heavily stretched due to the pregnancy. Up to a certain degree this will regulate itself but without specific muscle training you will feel it latest in a new pregnancy.

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Conversation between 2 boys age 5


„What do you want?” 

„I want to show you something!”

„But I don’t want to see it! “

„Just come with me!” 

„Don’t want to!” 

„And why not?” 

„Because I don’t want to!” 


„Leave me alone!” 

„But I want to show you something!” 

„But I don’t want to see it!” 

“Oh come on it is something special!” 

„And what is it?”

„I cannot tell you!” 

„But if you can’t tell me than you can’t show me either!” 

„I can! “ 

„And how if I may ask? “ 

„But you may not ask! “ 

„If I cannot ask than I cannot go with you! “

„You can! “ 

„But then I can ask too! “ 

„You can ask! “ 

„But you just said that I cannot ask! “

„I did not, now come on! “ 

„Bring it over! “ 

„I can’t do that! “ 

„And why not, what is it? “ 

„I still can’t tell you! “ 

„And when can you tell me? “ 

„In a moment! “ 

„And why do I have to go with you? “ 

„Because I want to show it to you! “ 

„Ok if it has to be, I go with you!” 

„But you said you did not want to come!” 

„But now I want to!” 

„Ok let’s go to my house.” 



„Wait a moment I go and get it. “


„Finally you’re back! And? “ 

„I couldn’t find it! “ 

„But you wanted to show it to me! “ 

„But it is not here anymore! “ 

„And why did I had to come? “ 

„Because than it was there! “ 

„What was it? “ 

„My pet! “ 

„And what kind of pet? “ 

„Just a pet! “ 

„Yes, I know! “ 

There you go, why did you ask me? “ 

„I don’t know what kind of! “ 

„It is small, fat and skinny! “ 


„I mean small, fat and empty! “ 

„I still don’t understand! “ 

„You don’t have to understand! “ 

„And why did you explain it then?” 

„I did not do that!” 

„Sure you did!” 

„No, I did not!” 



„It does not matter!” 


„Stop to brawl!” 


„Just stop!” 



The Hip Swing

Illustration: Nila AyeAdult movements are parallel. For instants adults stand right in front of a chair and then sit down. Anyone who has ever observed a child sitting down can tell it looks much different. Children need a rotation to do these movements. Whether they go from a lying down to a crawler position or from sitting down to a stand up in any case they move in a spiral way from one position to the next. Parents who have this in mind can use this moving pattern when sitting down with the baby in their arms. Apparently this spiral movement shell help in cases of bellyache and bloating.

Authors: Nora Imlau

Illustrationen: Nila Aye