Tips on how to make your pregnant life easier!

Shopping-less load with a little trick.

Is carrying your shopping bags more and more difficult? A weekly meal plan can help. If you know what to cook you know what to shop! Make a shopping trip an event; get you best friend, your partner or a family member to accompany you. They can help you carry; you have company and after wards you can treat them with something they like (ice crème, a lunch, candy etc.). Another solution could be a supermarket that delivers. There are several chains who deliver if you shop for a certain amount or above. Fresh fruit, vegetable, meat or fish you can put in a shopping cart liner. Once you get home you can put it on a chair before you unpack so you don’t have to bend over.

Breathing – Peace let you breathe.

In the last weeks of pregnancy there is not much space in your body to take a deep breath. Your baby pushes against your ribs and your midriff. It is time that you start to eat smaller  portions more often instead of a few big meals. And if you have physical stress like thorough house cleaning you plan it in advance and do it slow. This way you can avoid breathlessness and fatigue. 

Sleeping better with a soft support.

A little trick with a big effect! If the time has come that you cannot lie on your back or on your side than you should get a body pillow. There are two types. One is just a straight long pillow relatively inexpensive which you can put between your ankle and knee. It takes the pressure off your back. The other one is a paternal pillow price range from $ 50 up to $100 and it comes in different forms.  If in the evening your legs are swollen you can raise the lower part of your bed during the night by putting some blankets there to raise your feet.   This way the accumulated liquid in your legs can drain off. In the morning you wake up and your eyes are swollen? It is a normal attribute of being pregnant. A great relive is if at night you boil some chamomile tea bags, have them in the refrigerator and in the morning before you get up, take your 10 minute beauty rest by putting them on your eyelids.


Come Up, You Can Do It!

Illustration: Nila AyeBabies get picked up and put down many times a day. We automatically choose the shorts “way” of doing it. Think about it: Your baby lies on it back, you come, place a hand under its body and the other under his head and up you go. The same way we do it lying the baby down. This is an unnatural move for your child and there is no chance for it to actively participate. Your baby enjoys rolling from his back with a little gentle help to his tummy. When prop up the arms your hand is holding and supporting the little chest and slowly move into a supported stand up position. Now is the perfect time to pick up your happy bundle of joy.

Authors: Nora Imlau

Illustrationen: Nila Aye

Let’s Turn Around

Illustrationen: Nila Aye When changing your baby’s diapers you have to turn it from the back position over the side to the belly. Babies and infants are perfectly capable to do this movement if they have sufficient time. So rule number one for a baby friendly movement is to take your time. Slow down! Babies cannot follow our fast and automatic movements. Much better is it to put one hand under the shoulder of your child the other one at the hips and then soft, in slow motion indicate the direction of the turn. You can feel how the baby tightens its muscles and helps with the turn.

Authors: Nora Imlau

Illustrationen: Nila Aye

Shake The Booty

Illustrationen: Nila Aye No, not another fitness program.

Step one floor down please! Infants and babies can do own movement only lying down. If they are held or carried around in this position the possibility of moving is even more limited. Therefor it is important that parents go down from the adult level for example lying down on a blanket to baby’s level.  Your next step will be to observe which movement your baby is trying to do and move in the same direction. For instants, if your baby moves from the back position into lying on the side you could put the baby on your belly and move together with just sufficient protection to keep it from falling off.

Authors: Nora Imlau

Illustrationen: Nila Aye

Babies Get Quikly The Hang Of It

The exercises are flexible and not a monotonous step by step to follow program that you should work through with your baby.  It is all about natural movements that your baby will have fun with and at the same time it helps him get a new sense of space and his own body. Exercising with your child is supposed to calm it down and is an opportunity for you to have some quality fun time together.